Definition of apex


the highest or culminating point : the apex of his career

At Apex Direct Search, we're here to help you grow, whether you're hiring more employees or hunting for your next dream job. We seek and maintain positive relationships with the most talented and career-minded people in our local tech community. Apex has represented high caliber startups and rapid growth companies since the dot-com era.  We're definitely not set in our ways, but our team brings perspectives & a depth of experience not everyone else can offer.

Apex is a contingency-based search firm, so you only pay for results (our service is free to job-seekers; only employers pay). We love being a local boutique! This allows us to nurture long term relationships and match everyone's needs beyond just the surface level.  Our ethics are high because we feel it's the thing that truly distinguishes a good recruiter from a bad one. At its most basic, our job is communication.  Our style is fully transparent, proactive, and thoughtful. And don't forget: a sense of humor!