Senior or Lead Software Engineer, Irvine

Our client is a deep and ongoing relationship with the firm, one of the better employers in the Orange County tech community. We are looking for the “best and brightest” at senior, lead, and/or principal level. The company has built a complex Software-as-a-Service platform serving a large audience, mostly an SMB market. The company is past the early stage startup phase and is generating strong revenues and profits. You can enjoy the appealing aspects of a startup culture such as autonomy and a sense of ownership/relative lack of politics, while also enjoying the stability, clear direction, and excellent perks/benefits of a more established tech company.

More flavor:
Work on a product specific team that is technology diverse (all open source and cloud based)
Join a growing team of tech heads who love building things with ones and zeros
Work in a fast-paced environment that sometimes fails fast and early, but always learns and improves
Be unshackled by conventional thinking and allowed to use cool tech to solve hard problems

Toolbox: Java/HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Angular/Web-Micro Services/Automation/CI
Process oriented: you can teach us a thing-or-two about developing code and managing releases more efficiently than we have in the past
A sense of humor: Can you tell a joke?
Education: Computer Science degree (or degrees), or enough experience to convince us you do not need one
Culture fit: you are smart, humble, fun, flexible, and have a genuine desire to help our customers by engineering solutions that solve big time problems

Even better if you have:
A GitHub account or personal engineering blog
Dangerous SQL skills especially in an Oracle or SQL Server environment
Experience working in and deploying applications to a load balanced server environment
Like to partake in Sriracha vs Tapatio debates
Worked in a hyper-growth company
A great sense of humor. We mention this twice because it is pretty important

Please contact Annemarie Penny, Managing Director, 310-691-2310