Software Engineer, El Segundo

Do you like bitcoins?  Keep reading!  Our client's head of product has been a client and friend for about a decade.  Global headquarters are located in a very cool building in the El Segundo/ Manhattan Beach corrider, easily accessible from LA or Orange County (with reasonable flex schedule).   The company's main customer base is Asia - B2C - but since the main executives are located here, the team will be built locally.   Up to this point, the engineering team has been consultants building mostly in .Net.   The product works, but to continue to scale for their rapid and highly profitable expansion, the team is being built in-house.

You are well versed in a variety of open source languages.  It's not required that you are an ASP.Net/C# developer, though if you've touched on it in the past, that's nice.  It's not even required that you LIKE Microsoft, because the bulk of new development will be open source.  Primarily we are looking for people who believe in the "best tool for the job" and have enough depth of experience + low drama that new product development can be executed well and in a timely manner.

CS degree is nice, or relevant experience with the ability to demonstrate clean code and a solid foundation in best engineering practices (Agile, TDD, etc.)

Personality is also key.  We're looking for resourceful and easygoing types who can play well with others and genuinely enjoy solving interesting problems.  You strive for excellence but don't take things too seriously.