Full Stack Engineer, Downtown LA

Our client is a close relationship and a premiere Y-combinator graduate with solid funding and clientele.  We are looking for a full-stack web developer to join the Product Engineering team in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a meaningful product solving very real problems that will favorably impact humanity.   The team is highly intelligent, with backgrounds from some of the best technology companies in the world.  They're also very down to earth and collaborative.   You need to be the best at what you do, but have no ego about it.

Everyone in this company cares about the work they do, and about how that work furthers our vision of a world in which data can be leveraged into effective action. It also comes with opportunities: they learn from each other, everyone’s opinion is valued, and enjoy a dynamic, collaborative approach to developing the product. 
You've Definitely: 
* Worked professionally as a full-stack web developer (for a few years - this is not a junior position), ideally using Ruby on Rails. 
* Mastered the basics of computer science - we won’t ask you to invert a binary tree on a whiteboard, but you should know your way around the basics. 
* Demonstrated an ability and willingness to learn new programming languages and technologies as the situation requires. 
Also Nice: 
* Experience with a modern front-end framework. We like React, but feel free to tell us about your Angular/Ember/etc. project! 
* Experience developing for mobile with Ionic or (preferably) React Native. 
* Familiarity with SQL, specifically MySQL and Postgres. 
* Experience with Java servlets.