React/Ruby Engineer, Hollywood

Our client with offices near Hollywood came out of Ycombinator and has closed a nice Series A round of funding from noteworthy VC’s. One of the founders is a close relationship and previous client as well. This is a very product-minded, engineering-driven organization whose B2C platform is already generating solid revenues and profits. The product is “simple in its complexity”, taking a typically complicated series of processes/transactions and making it very easy for users to complete major purchases. Saving time and money in a significant way.

The team is a small but ambitious group with prior experience as engineers, product managers, and executives for some of the best known technology brands in the world. The team takes a pragmatic, piecemeal approach to crafting software with heavy emphasis on testing, measurement, and iteration.

The Role

The engineering team is currently two technical co-founders plus two engineers. The ideal candidate could be junior or mid-level since the mentorship here is excellent. Heavy seniors/leads are probably more than needed based on the current team structure (which already includes engineers at that level).

This is a high responsibility, high autonomy position and you’ll be deploying code your first week, if not your first day. Our client subscribes heavily to the philosophy that the stack should be simple enough that a single engineer can build out, test, and deploy a small feature in a few days or deploy a small change in a few hours.

The stack is rails, react, and mongodb with a heavy peppering of AWS goodies. The only tool they’re dogmatic about is simplicity. You should be comfortable developing the full critical path of a new web feature, and most excited about front end web and/or native app expertise.

- A BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

- Experience building a well-designed app

- A bias for building your way out of a problem

- Optimism about future technology and automation

- Good references from past colleagues


- Competitive salary & benefits

- 100% free health, dental and vision insurance

- Equity in a YC-backed, VC-funded startup

- Positive, balanced, flexible vibes